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As you stated, there are many shades of grey, but in general: No one with an Ivy league degree sticks around a dating scene filled with cops and Con Ed workers.

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All ESPN proles no different than any hick town area. There's no report on it, I did the research myself from census data. The bottom line is that in Westchester it's cops, Con Ed workers and live-at-home guidos as you well know.

In Fairfield it's knowledge workers in finance, insurance, consulting etc. Apart from the platinum mile in White Plains and the Rt corridor in Tarrytown and the few corp HQ's, Westchester has no significant white collar employer base. Families are a different story, obviously, there's lots of money, education and achievement. I pretty much agree with the sentiment, but yeah it comes across as super bitter and elitist, especially given the seeming single purpose of the account.

Some people are going to happily be a part of a blue collar dating scene and that's fine. Why are you don't with the East Coast for good? What does she do for a living?

Other New York Cities:

If her job is in NYC, there is virtually no chance she'll stay in The only factors are 1 her age, and 2 how much she weighs and 3 what sort of roots she's planted in The car is moot, even if she can't afford a garage, she'll opt to drive around 1 hour a day to park on the street if that means living and dating in NYC. Nothing to do if you're under 45?

Go around the different neighborhoods on weekends, especially during the summer and you'll spot not a few attractive women in the 15 to 22 age bracket going about their business in Bronxville, Scarsdale and Larchmont town centers. You just need to know how to talk them into a conversation and ultimately into something more.


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For example, if you see someone interesting buying a bagel in Lange's, ask her what spread she recommends. If you know how to start a conversation in a bar, you can do it here. East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

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So, if you are single in Westchester you can't take advantage of the singles scene in Manhattan just a dozen miles away? We Westchesterites are truly blessed to be surrounded by not one but two magnificent bodies of water: Adjacent to Croton Point Park, Half Moon Bay offers many amenities, including a picnic area and grills, high-speed Internet access and cable TV, tiled showers and restrooms, and facilities for both seasonal and transient boating enthusiasts.

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Shopping and restaurants are within walking distance of the marina. Another great attraction, Larchmont Manor Beach Helana Avenue, Larchmont, NY; , features a acre park with many walking trails steer clear of the residents-only beach. Founded in by relationship guru Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eharmony uses precise matching technology to help would-be Anthonys and Cleopatras meet up.

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